2017 Year End – New and Used Laser sale!

Buy a 6.1 Watt or 18.1 Watt laser and get a second Laser probe free
($3500 – $6000 Value)

The most powerful cool laser just went to a whole new level!

18.1 Watts of cool 100% usable Laser power18,100mW Laser MultiProbe for LZR7 ZX2 Controller

Laser Therapy Treatment Times

The Goal is to get 4 J/Cmto the tissue being treated.

This chart shows the different times for different treatment depths to achieve the optimal dose of 4 J/Cmwith some of our laser probes.


Skin  0 Cm deep

Disc 4.5 Cm deep


5.2 Sec

40 Sec.


6.13 Sec.

2 Min.


8.3 Sec.

2 Min. 40 Sec.


9.3 Sec.

3 Min.


12.4 Sec.

4 Min.

1.5W Accutip

0.7 Sec

8 Min.

1.5W Deep

4.7 Sec.

8 Min.

750mW Accutip

1.3 Sec.

16 Min.

100W Superpulsed

3 Min. 20 Sec.

40+ Min.

Please call for current New and used Laser inventory we have hot, cold, high power and low power lasers from 5mW – 100,000mW.

If you have an older model laser or PT equipment you would like to trade in please call for trade-in values.

Thank you.

Dr. Randy