New Generation of Super Lasers for Light Therapy

The LZR7™ selection of Class 3B & Class 4 Lasers delivers more power, faster with minimal to no heat. The significance of these new, high power, cooler therapy lasers is that it is easier and faster to treat both human and animal patients with stubborn issues in record time. The learning curve to using and applying therapy is significantly reduced and it becomes easy to give a standardized dose of joules or energy to a given area quickly (in mere seconds) and effectively.

We have portable and desktop units with numerous interchangeable emitters from single diode to multi-diode cluster heads. You can choose from Continuous Wave (CW) or Super Pulsed (SP) laser diodes that generates varied optimal wavelengths based on the emitters you choose. Our Desktop Control Units can power up to two emitters simultaneously.

We also offer a sophisticated medical cart package with retractable arm and wheels for mobility to help you cope with your busy day to day practice. The medical cart makes your therapy sessions able to cover larger areas or enable you to treat areas that are difficult to reach. With the mobile medical cart, you can move to different positions with ease.

We have many specialized emitters to choose from, depending on the type and style of treatments given. See our most popular accessories and systems including the LZR7™Base Unit with Emitter combined packages that deliver continuous waves during your laser/light therapy sessions.

The LZR7™ Family of Class 4 Lasers

Why LZR7™?
The LZR7™ Laser System is a value priced laser/light therapy device with dramatically higher performance than competitors. There are less expensive devices on the market, but they do not have the power, portability, versatility, or quality of the LZR7™. The LZR7™ is a true class Class 4 laser, depending on the probe that is utilized.

Unlike all other modalities, the safety of cool laser requires very little training and it is common to have an aid, nurse or assistant provide the treatment. In addition, it is safe over metal, plastic, glues, sutures, pacemakers, even spinal cord stimulators.

LZR7™ Controllers

The Desktop or Battery Pack Model that offer a unique combination of benefits including both turnkey systems and a-la-cart emitters but what really makes these products stand out are their potential higher power options.

LZR7™ Probes

The NEW GENERATION superpulsed Laser Probe system have a significant deeper penetration with an equivalent wavelenght (NM) of laser that produces an average output which is high enough to get great results from the superpulsed NM.