Laser /Light Therapy Sytems

750mW Acu Tip Probe

LZR7™ Laser Probe: 750mW Acu Tip Probe

Type: Continuous Wave (CW) Single Point

Application: Laser acupuncture, Joints, Trigger Points

Total Max Power Output with lens: 750mW

Wavelength: 808nm

Laser Classification: Class 3B

NOHD*: 90cm, 3ft

Treatment Time for 4 J/cm2: 1.3 seconds

Notes: The 750 Acu Tip probe is also supplied with a standard lens for normal use.
* Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance

LZR7™ Laser Probes (7 probes)
LZR7™ Laser Probes (7 example probes)

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