The reason I love my LZR7 18.1 Watt laser is its FAST. My past laser took 5 to 7 minutes to treat my Neuropathy patients, so I had to have a staff member treat them. I prefer to do it now because it takes only 30 seconds and my patients prefer my hands-on treatment. With this wavelength, there is little heat, and very comfortable for the patient. The bottom line, my patients get better, faster and are very happy with their results. And they refer.”

– Dr. John M.

Hey doc,

These pics of the patient’s face and legs were how she looked the first day I treated her with the Class IV laser:



(Randy… Is this photo between the 1st and 3rd photos? Just want to make sure I have the sequence correct.)


Her second visit was three days later, and this picture shows how she looked that day:


That picture is before I actually treated her again with the cold laser (so just one treatment for that outcome).


God bless,

Wesley Heckel, D.C.
Live Well Chiropractic